The Bible is God's word to us and the best way to grow closer to God is to study the book. The resources on this page will help you do just that. This page of our website is for you to use to learn more about the Bible and to grow in His word. With this free Bible Study Tool below you can search the Bible for any word or phrase you want. First choose the Bible version you want to search with the drop down arrow. There are 7 versions to choose from. Then type the word or phrase you're searching for and press GO.

Bible Study Aids Search the Bible
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Bible Study Tools

This will also help you with resources to let you be able to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with family, friends and co-workers. We hope you will also be sure to invite those friends and co-workers to church and to visit our website and use the many resources we offer here and are adding to the site regularly.

The "Speed Verse" tool above lets you quickly find any verse in the Bible. Just choose the Bible version, book and the chapter and verse and click GO.

The Nave's Topical Bible search tool, allows you to search the Bible for scriptures on any subject you wish.

Search Nave's Topical Bible


Just type the subject you want to search for in the space and click "search." You can also click "Alphabetical Listings" and see a list of words you may want to search from each letter of the alphabet.

The Easton's Bible Dictionary search tool is like a regular dictionary but this is for looking up words from the Bible.

Search Easton's Bible Dictionary


The tool will also give you the meaning of the word as it relates to the Bible along with more info and related Bible verses and quick links to those related verses.


Blue Letter Bible - Search Tool

Range Options:

e.g. Gen;Psa-Mal;Rom 3-9

The NET Bible

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